'Guys and Dolls':

“Hands down, Rachel Weber walks away with the evening as Miss Adelaide, the nightclub singer with a

perpetual cold. Her "Adelaide's Lament" is a comic tour de force that adds a nice level of pathos as well.”

- William Randall Beard, Minneapolis Star Tribune 

Rachel Weber is an unalloyed delight as Adelaide.... Weber has perfected both the patois and the energy of Runyonland, typified in one of the better and more amusing renditions of “Adelaide’s Lament” I’ve seen:

She’s velvet and sandpaper, coy and conniving, vulnerable and viva cious."

- Dominic Papatola, Twin Cities Pioneer Press

'My Fair Lady':

“The bright spot is Rachel Weber's Eliza Doolittle. Her sparkling soprano makes the most of such songs as "Wouldn't It Be Loverly?" and "I Could Have Danced All Night." She sensitively reveals the character's

growth, beyond her acquisition of better diction and manners. In "Without You," a strong, confident woman blossoms before our eyes. And she creates a moment at the end of the show that confirms her spirit, despite thesentimental intentions of the script."

-William Randall Beard, Minneapolis Star Tribune

Rachel Weber plays Eliza with such energy and spirit, she fairly leaps off the stage! At times proud and strong, at times weepy and needy, she's a real heroine with a lovely voice to match her spunk.”

- Jill Schafer, Cherry and Spoon

'On the Town':

“Willowy Rachel Weber is a legitimate triple threat.... it’s a treat to watch her gracefully shift from brittle comedy to supple movement to melodious song, all while evoking the iconic style of the 1940s, when “On the Town” is set.”

- Chris Hewitt, Twin Cities Pioneer Press

'Singin' in the Rain':

“As Lina Lamont, the diva star, Rachel Weber steals the show.... she makes the most of every swoop and


-William Randall Beard, Minneapolis Star Tribune

“For comic relief we have the delightful Rachel Weber as Lina, the silent film star with the unbearable voice (but don't let her fool you, she has a lovely voice of her own). Is it wrong that I found myself rooting for Lina? "What's wrong with me?" Nothing, indeed!”

- Jill Schafer, Cherry and Spoon

From the Director of Relentless

I have had the privilege of working with Ms Weber on a number of projects and there is a reason I keep collaborating with her again and again. First off the range of what she can do is second to none, secondly her work ethic and talent makes everyone else on set step it up a few notches and lastly she is a true collaborator. When Rachel signs onto something she commits wholly and really becomes a partner in the entire creative process. I cannot recommend highly enough her talent, her personality and her work ethic. Working on our latest collaboration, a feature film entitled Relentless, Ms Weber was put through some of the most intense physical and emotional situations. Most of our crew was overwhelmed but Rachel was always the last one standing. If you get the chance you shouldn’t think but rather jump to get her attached to your project.

- Barry Andersson, Director of Relentless