Ivey Awards 2015 - Aka "Theatre Prom".

Rachel Weber Ivey Awards 2015 Red Carpet

Yeeeeahhhh, my highschool prom dresses never looked this good, I'll tell you that right now. But the dates have always been amazing :) In high school, I went with my dear friend Anisha and last night, with my dear friend Alyssa. We walked the red carpet, cheered on our fellow artists, and hugged as many friends as possible.

The Twin Cities is a beautiful community full of supportive, generous artists, and it's a joy to see them celebrated. And if I do say so myself, we all clean up rather well :)

Finally a HUGE shout out to Flutter Boutique for such stunning gowns! Check them out here! Also, learn more about the Ivey Awards.

And now, some of those friends we got to hug <3

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